Summer notes: Making a floral patterned notebook

I made a pretty new notebook for summer! Here’s how it came to being.

Notebook and a cuppa

Enjoying a moment of quiet in the sun, I sat in the garden and drew some lavender, sketching ideas for a new design.  lavender drawing

After arranging the scanned flowers and making it neat on the screen, I printed it with my lovely new printer onto some coated kraft board. This is great stuff – it’s coated with a white satin finish on the inside, it looks smart and is extra tough.

Jones sewing machine

I tried using an old sewing machine bought at a car boot fair to make the holes in the spine, but even the widest stitch setting was too narrow and the card would tear when stitching it, so I went back to my old method of punching the holes by hand with a needle.notebook and stitching

Using some strong pale yellow thread I stitched the trimmed pages together.  Then I cut the rounded corners and hey presto! A lavender design notebook perfect for summer.Anna's Drawing Room notebook with lavender

You can buy the notebook here in my Etsy shop!

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