Spring DIY

Little signs of spring are popping up all over the place, and my goodness are they welcome. With the days getting longer, we’ve felt energised enough to declutter, dust and do DIY.

Here’s what’s been happening at our house these last couple of weeks!

I love it when the crocuses come up, they’re a sure sign of spring coming…

Inside the house, we’ve done a massive overhaul of the stairwell and upstairs hallway. Even though it prevented me from doing any art work at the time, decorating gave me time to think hard about work plans, and the results are a more inspiring (now almost carpet-free) home, in which to work in.

Who doesn’t like a before and after? I love them. We had already removed carpets downstairs a couple of years ago, and painted the floor and walls. That brown carpet was still everywhere from the stairs up, and although we were worried about problems resulting from taking it up, it wasn’t too bad and well worth it.

Before and during…
Stairs scrubbed, primed and taped... and finished!
Stairs scrubbed, primed and taped… and finished!

If you are thinking about renovating, all I can say is DO IT! We live with things we hate for years on end, when a bit of hard graft is all it takes to improve it. We did this with the kids around too, somehow.

So now every board, step and spindle is painted, there is no excuse but to get creative. I do have some new work on the go, but not ready to do a full blog post about it yet… There are lots of work in progress pics on Instagram, so do follow me over there for sneaky peeks!


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