Spotlight on: John Bond

Work by this artist has been flying out the door over the last two weekends of the Worthing Art Trail, and we can see why! We have reserved a print for ourselves too. You have another chance to see him and his work this weekend, and enjoy his character creations.  Let’s meet him:

  • Hello, what is your name and what do you make?
I am John Bond. I draw pictures and make prints.
  • Have you taken part in the Art Trail before, and are you excited about this year’s event?
Yes! We opened our house a couple of times before (when we lived close to the seafront) but now live out of town, so it’ll be nice to join forces with other artists/makers in a great central location.
  • What is your favourite medium to work in, and which is your favourite design?
I tend to swap mediums and styles regularly. I favour using a Wacom tablet with Photoshop when working digitally, and Posca paint markers when working in a sketchbook. As far as a favourite design – I don’t really know – I think I’m happiest with my BigBear character.
  • Have you been working on anything new, and will it be making its way to the open house?
My latest projects won’t be ready for the Open House (unfortunately) But I have been building up a selection of creature-based limited edition prints and one-off-originals.
  • Thank you John! How can we follow you? Please give us all your links.
JohnBond_image01This is our final weekend of the trail, so please do pop by! We’re open Saturday and Sunday 11-5 on Ashdown Road, venue 16 on the map. As well housing a fun and varied exhibition, we have our own kitchen-pop-up-cafe serving home-made cake and sausage rolls. Yum!
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