Spotlight on: At the Little House

Last but not least in our artist features, let’s meet a super-talented maker, whose work is so pretty, it’s making our house really feel like a home. This weekend you have the chance to see her gorgeous creations on our walls, and snap them up to put on yours. We are venue 16 on the Worthing Art Trail, do stop by and see us on Ashdown Road!

  • Hello, what is your name and what do you make?
My name is Debbie Terry and I currently make quirky badges and hand draw linen ‘plushies ‘to decorate your home.
  • Have you taken part in the Art Trail before, and are you excited about this year’s event?
I have never taken part in the Art Trail but since moving to West Sussex 2 years ago I have always wanted to be a part of it but never knew how to get involved. Luckily Anna asked be to join the group at 39 Ashdown Road and I jumped at the chance! I am so excited to be involved in such a great event with so many excellent artists and makers from the area.
  • What is your favourite medium to work in, and which is your favourite design?
My favourite medium at the moment is Shrinkie Paper. I love how you can draw a design on the paper , pop it in the oven and out comes a lovely piece of shiny plastic that you can make into a badge and wear!
My favourite design are my birds, they are the design I always chose to wear myself and it always receives compliments.
  • Have you been working on anything new, and will it be making its way to the open house?
I have been working on some new designs inspired my my cute pet cats Theo and Pepper for my badges and cards and they will debut at the art trail.
  • Thank you Debbie! How can we follow you?
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