Seascapes and a new journey into pattern

Back in September we had a magical wander along Worthing beach. The tide was way out, leaving the seabed exposed like a shimmering moonscape. I stood on the pier snapping pictures of people picking their way across rocks and seaweed, the patterns in the sand left by the water, and the pale horizon melting into the sky.

The glittering beauty of the landscape wasn’t quite captured with my cheap phone camera, but the resulting images have their own charm: they look like strange old black and white photos, and inspirational in a different way.


patterns in the sand

seaside 2


At the time I imagined making sea-and-sand-inspired patterns to decorate notebooks, but it was left on the backburner with the festive season taking over autumn projects.

With holiday jollities over and my youngest back at her childminder’s once a week, I’ve had a few hours to do some inky studies of our beautiful seascape.

Inky seascape study Inly seascape study 2

I enjoyed doing these so much, that making notebook patterns doesn’t seem enough. In my head there are images of upholstery fabric or wallpaper with a fluid monochrome pattern – using some of the inky shapes and lines present in the sketches. Whether these ever get created doesn’t matter for now, as the exercise in pattern-making is interesting enough. Below is my first attempt, where I have simplified the landscape to fewer marks.

seascape sketch1

I then used Photoshop to create a repeat pattern with it. I like the result, but wouldn’t call it seamless. It would have been a bit much to expect a perfect pattern first time anyway! So I’m back at the drawing board, enjoying the inky mark-making.

sea pattern

If you like seeing my work in progress, I post lots of pics on Instagram. You can follow me here.

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