Screen printing seascapes

The seascape journey continues, finding more ways of capturing our handsome coast.  I’ve wanted to work on a larger scale for a while, and decided screen printing would be the best medium to achieve what I had in mind. After a couple of times practising screen printing with paper stencils at home, with some promising but messy results, I booked some workshop time at Handprinted in Bognor Regis.

With just one morning booked, they had my screens ready for me and helped get me started. Once the colour was right, I got inking and pulling.


Let's go!

Getting really into it, and still on the first design, the morning was not going to be enough. Luckily the room wasn’t booked for the afternoon and I was able to just carry on going!


Once the drying rack was full, every surface became a drying place.



This could never have been done at home – how wonderful to have the freedom to get so productive.

I had already ordered poster frames, in the hope the prints would work out. Next, to take some snaps… You can see the house plants lined up there – I take ridiculous amounts of almost identical photos with the plants slightly in shot in marginally different ways!


Here are the results: One seascape print in midnight blue, the other in teal.




The prints are now available in my Etsy shop. And more crucially, they are ready for Artists Open Houses in Brighton starting at the end of this month at the fabulous 21a Brunswick Square.

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