Screen printing linen: a leaf pattern journey

An idea from the backburner came to fruition this winter, in the form of a herringbone-style leaf pattern. This had been a rough sketch in the notebook to be developed some day, and finally last autumn I set to work, redrawing it in brush and ink, scanning it in and working on the repeat. One of my goals in the last few years has been to figure out repeat patterns, and we’re getting closer!


Next I trawled the shops and internet for the right fabrics, settling on some beautiful European linens in muted tones. I ordered a screen from Handprinted and went over to use their print workshop. It was terribly nerve-wracking printing on such lovely material, but worth it in the end! The irregularities in the fabric and print just give it extra charm.



Now I had to decide exactly what products would work, made from the printed linen, and how. Not being a sewer, I met with Judite from JureamBox and we measured and planned, settling on cushions and large purses.

cushion-close-up-klara cushions-stacked-2 cushions-stacked-pink-top pink-pursepurses-fanned-out purses-stacked

I’m so happy with the results! Judite did a beautiful job with the sewing, and the cushions and purses joined me at makers’ markets throughout December. It was wonderful to watch people’s reactions, how they interacted with the new items and hearing the feedback.

The Fairy Tale Fair, image by Becky Netley Photography
Etsy Made Local, Brighton Dome Corn Exchange

The new linen items are available in blush pink, dove grey, natural and soft grey. They can be found in my Etsy shop only!

I look forward to sharing the next chapter…

Anna 🙂

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