One, two, bee, four, I can make a pattern!

For too long now I have had visions of patterns I want to make, yet done nothing about them.  The images pop into my head as I am about to fall asleep, and I think Yep this is amazing, must bring that to fruition somehow.  Into my notebook I scrawl messages like ‘please to your bees’, ‘flock a duck’, and ‘lobster gladioli’ (yes really). Sometimes a title idea alone is enough to propel me into a mental planning frenzy. But with no resulting work, until now.

At long last I got over my pattern stage-fright and here is the photo-story of my first attempt, a bumblebee pattern. I printed a hexagon (honeycomb) graph paper from the kids’ site, and got doodling.  Once I had something to work with I scanned and printed it out, photocopied it and cut out the tiles.

cut n paste bee experiment

Then I started new outlines on fresh paper and a clear idea of what I wanted to make.Bee pattern outline

… And started adding black.

Bee pattern in progress

Here is how it looked as a tile before filling the final areas in black.Bees on graph paper

Close up of the finished drawing.Bee pattern drawingI then had to teach myself some Illustrator skills to get it into a printable state.  What a learning curve this has been, and so rewarding. Been seeing stripes for days!

Ta-da! One print done onto thick card, soon to become notebook covers.
Bee pattern printed_1 Bee pattern printed


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