Nice day to sell beside the seaside

On this super-scorchio day I joined Hannah from Makers Boutique to man the Brighton Fishing Quarter Gallery.  Shiny happy people wandered in and out from the beach in a holiday mood, and Hannah’s dog Bean stole the show as always!  Here are some photos of the place looking great today.

Maker's 002

Maker's 006

Maker's 007

Maker's 008

Maker's 033

Maker's 027

Maker's 029

Bangelibang Designs

Maker's 034

Maker's 035

Maker's 036

Maker's 037

Maker's 039

Maker's 043

Maker's 016

Maker's 019

Maker's 021       Bean

To see the full list of artists featured in the show, see the Makers Boutique line-up on their site.


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