Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s 10 days until Mother’s Day, when we can pay tribute to our mums, grandmothers, mums-to-be and mother-figures. Whether we are celebrating it with her, chatting on Skype or remembering her, it’s a special day in the calendar for us all.

As a mum of two lovely but headstrong girls, I’ll be hoping for a bit of an easy life on Sunday 6th March, and maybe even flowers (hint…). A good cuppa, some breakfast and a nice card, followed by slightly less screaming that usual would be perfect!

For mums who love a big cup of tea, I recommend the Marjorie mug. In fine bone china, Marjorie and the Wild Strawberries is a large size, decorated both sides, with sloe berries on the back. The colour is a delicate blush, and comes boxed ready to gift. The mug is featured in the Folksy Mother’s Day Gift Ideas too!


If you want to go extra-special, you could give her the set of 2 mugs, with Maurice and the Blackberries (elderberries on the reverse).

Maurice-and-Marjorie-with-gift-boxesBerries-mugs-boxed-ADRThese are available at Etsy and Folksy.

Another fab Mum Gift is the Wren tea towel. Practical items can be fun, and this always looks stylish hanging up in the kitchen. This is screen printed from my design on thick unbleached cotton. See all the bird tea towels on Etsy here…


And finally a card… Perhaps a spring floral, to look the part with a little bunch of daffs? Browse all cards here…

Mixed floral cards

Have a great week!

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