Meet Maurice and Marjorie

Allow me to introduce Maurice and Marjorie. They are a couple of blackbirds who love berries! Originating as brush and ink drawings, they now proudly decorate cards, wrapping paper and fine bone china mugs.

Working at the beach hut studio, the blackbirds were just a sketch really, and I had fruits and berries postcards in mind, painting sloe berries, blackberries, wild strawberries, gooseberries, plums and elderberries. Liking their simplicity in black and white I decided against colouring them, but then they didn’t really work on their own. I did have vague ideas of a pattern idea, but with a broken laptop, I went old-school low-tech, photocopying, cutting and playing around with the cut pieces of paper.

Birds-and-Berries-Pattern-makingThis was good fun and gave me a bit of a head start for when we had a laptop again! See that small blackbird on the right? He didn’t make the cut.

Somehow, in a matter of weeks, Maurice and Marjorie went from sketch to paper cut to digital pattern, and I loved them so much they seem to be all over the place now! The wrapping paper came first, there is a short post about that here…

Rolls-of-wrap-AnnasDrawingRoom-webWhile this was being printed, I made cards with elements of the same design.


Finally, going the whole hog, I designed and ordered mugs. This was terrifying! But they are so beautiful, made of fine bone china and hand decorated by a lovely company in Cornwall. These are sold in gift boxes with twine and gift tags (all recycled), individually or as a pair.


My love affair with Maurice and Marjorie is still going strong, and it seems to be catching! The cards are bestsellers at the studio and at markets, and a few online mug orders have gone out already. You can find all the Birds and Berries items in my Etsy shop here…


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