Introducing: Ellie Bond

With the Worthing Art Trail coming up next month, let’s find out all about the artists taking part in our open house on Ashdown Road! We asked them all a few questions.

First up:

  • Hello, what is your name and what do you make?

Ellie Bond, I make fabric characters to look like you and your friends.

  • Ellie Bond 2014-07-22 20.29.57 Have you taken part in the Art Trail before, and are you excited about this year’s event?

Yes, my husband John and I have been part of the the trail a couple of times before when we lived right down near Splashpoint. We’ve since moved up to Broadwater so we were chuffed when asked to be part of a more central venue, especially with such an exciting bunch. I already have my eye on things if I sell anything…. dangerous!

Ellie Bond Tommy Tashman

  • What is your favourite medium to work in, and which is your favourite design?

A nice soft jersey fabric is ideal for making my dolls, I think the classic ‘Betty Doll’ and ‘Tommy Tashman’ would have to be my favourite type of characters.

  •  Have you been working on anything new, and will it be making its way to the open house?

I’ve made a few ‘Snuggle Bunnies’ – a take on my ‘Beastie Bunny’ toy. A bunny head with floppy ears and a ‘blankie’ style body. I’m thinking they may go down well with tiny tots.

Ellie Bond Beastie Bunnies

Thank you Ellie! We can’t wait to have your gorgeous creations in our house.

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