Drawing a posy: the story of a commission

A few weeks ago my favourite sort of message appeared in my Etsy seller inbox. It was from talented jewellery maker Kate Holden of Oh Someday… asking about a drawing she would like made. She had been struck by a romantic story about her grandparents, and thought a drawing of violets and heather in a posy would be the perfect way to symbolise this.violets-1Luckily violets were just coming into season so I found some easily in the shops, and we had some white heather in the garden. The next job was to make the posy. This was fiddly, with the delicate little violets and crumbly heather I was worried I’d end up with some squashed flowers and a few stalks, but I managed it in the end.posy-cuttingsviolet-and-heather-posyI took lots of photos of the composition as the flowers started wilting very quickly, but did as much drawing from the real posy as possible.violet-close-upAfter doing a rough pencil sketch I set to work in pen. drawing-in-progressviolets-drawing-in-progressviolets-in-progressOnce the drawing was done I added some watercolour. This was scary because messing it up at this stage would mean starting the whole thing again!violet-posy-drawing-finishedLuckily it turned out well, and I popped it in the post to its new home. And best of all, Kate is happy with her commission!

If you would like a drawing just for you or as a gift for someone, you can contact me through Etsy or email to discuss what you have in mind.

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