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  • What is your favourite collection?

    Do you collect? Or know someone who has a treasure-trove of objects? I’ve started a project looking at collecting, and would love to see what you have been hoarding all these years. Or maybe it’s a new passion. However exciting or mundane, I’m interested in them all so don’t be shy and do take part! […]

  • Fairs
  • Screen printing linen: a leaf pattern journey

    An idea from the backburner came to fruition this winter, in the form of a herringbone-style leaf pattern. This had been a rough sketch in the notebook to be developed some day, and finally last autumn I set to work, redrawing it in brush and ink, scanning it in and working on the repeat. One […]

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  • New Leafy Print

    Happy autumn! It’s been quite a long time since my last post, while I’ve been busy making new things and working hard! One completed project is this large 2-colour screen print, made at the wonderful printmaking studio Handprinted. Inspired by some big leaves by our family cabin in Finland, it’s called ‘Vuorenkilpi’, also known as […]