Birds and Berries: the story of a gift wrap design

Repeat patterns have always enthralled and confounded me, how people make these amazing neverending images for art, crafts and homewares. Longing to create my own patterns, I set out a while back to figure it out. Thanks to some online tutorials and plenty of old-fashioned trial and error, I began to get the hang of it, experimenting with various ideas. You may have seen some previous posts about the process, using Photoshop, and even using a photocopier, tracing paper and scissors. As fun as it was, I ultimately wanted to make something people would want!

Having sold cards for a couple of years now, wrapping paper has been on my radar, but what sort of design to choose? A bit of a theme of blackbirds and berries had been appearing in recent work, so I started compiling a collection of brush and ink drawings featuring just these. strawberries-and-elderberries-

So… After weeks of thinking, hours of near-obsessive moving things one millimetre this way and that on the screen, worrying about colour, printing out samples and asking anyone who cared for their opinion, I ordered some wrapping paper. And it’s great!


Printed locally on matt recycled paper using vegetable-based inks, it ticks my eco + ethics boxes, and just as importantly is performs well. It’s a treat to use, folds beautifully and makes a gift look super pretty.

The blackbirds in the design are affectionately named Maurice and Marjorie, surrounded by tasty berry treats. The wrapping paper would suit various occasions, from birthdays to weddings, and works nicely as an alternative Christmas wrap.

To go with the subtle green and blush-pink paper I’ve made coordinating tags using thick (recycled) kraft board, and wrapping kits to sell at the open studio and on Etsy. Now I’m preparing to take the wrap to markets and shops too! I hope you like it – a whole lot of love has gone into this design.


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