Ashdown Road Artists 2017

Worthing Artists Open Houses are back, and we are taking part for the third year as Ashdown Road Artists – Venue 20! Same place, many of the same excellent artists and makers, but each year we learn and improve, making 2017 our best show yet! Our 7 exhibitors are Hello DODO, John Bond, Ellie Bond, Sarah Edmonds, Julie Ingham, Nicky Fijalowska (Knit for Victory), and me.

We’ve just had the first weekend of 3 – with workshops and a private view, and with the support of our artists and friends it went really well! We have A LOT of photos, and it’s hard to edit them down to just a few, so hopefully you want to see lots of pics:

You can follow Ashdown Road Artists on Instagram for daily posts until 2nd July, as well as the Facebook page where you can book workshops, send messages and leave reviews.

If you live within reach of us please do come and visit 24/25 June and 1/2 July for art craft, workshops and refreshments – we are friendly, welcoming and (although we’re biased) we think it’s definitely worth popping by!

Anna 🙂



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