Artists and Makers, do you want to sell at our studio?


We are looking for an artist or maker to join the team at our beach hut studio-shop on Worthing beach. Open since last summer, it has been a labour of love building a team, finding our feet and making little improvements to the hut as we’ve gone along. The tiny space has developed into a beautiful shop with a bright, uplifting style, and we plan to continue making it better. Relaunching soon as Paperbird Gallery, we would love to have our new person on board from the beginning of the hut’s next step.

We currently sell art, gifts, homewares, accessories and cards at Hut 45, East Beach Studios. Although differing in style and media, our products work together, and it is important that the new items complement the existing ones. Makers in all media are welcome!



If you are available one or two days per week, love the fresh air and chatting to people as you work, then maybe this is just the thing for you.

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1 thought on “Artists and Makers, do you want to sell at our studio?

  1. Hi! I am wondering if you currently have space for a new seller in your gorgeous beach hut? If so, can you please let me know how much the rent would be? I am very interested and feel that my crafts would fit in with your stock. I had started to fill in the application form a while ago and then was put off by the £145/month rent so didnt cary on. I now regret that as I should have asked for more details first! For example, how many people is that £145 divided between? Anyway, I am interested and I hope that I have not left it too late to make some enquiries! I hope to hear from you soon. With warm wishes, Lisa x

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