A dainty bunch…

…of wildflower prints.

After the fun and frolics of Renegade London and laboriously hand printing piles of tea towels and aprons, I went back to my roots this week and indulged in some pure drawing. Some dainty wildflowers I brought home from a friend’s wedding in May (#dodowedding) have been drying out at home, surviving a kitchen renovation and a rewire to finally serve their purpose as still life models for me.

Just in the nick of time for Brighton Craftaganza Sat 29th and Sun 30th Nov, I’m happy to say the drawings are in a mini-series of pretty prints. From a design idea that’s been in the back of my mind for months and months, the prints hopefully reflect the plants’ delicate nature in the style of traditional horticultural illustrations. I haven’t messed about with the original drawings apart from arranging the illustrations on the page and adding tiny bits of subtle colour.

If you like them but don’t have wall space you might like them as note cards instead! Below are photos of the three drawings, followed by photos of the new prints.wildflower drawing 1wildflower drawing 2wildflower drawing 3Wildflowers print on chalkboardWildflowers print on chalkboard 2Wildflowers print on chalkboard 1Excuse the blurry photos – they were snapped very quickly on my phone. I’ll bring a couple of each print in 2 sizes to Fabrica Gallery in Brighton for Craftaganza!

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