Sea green Seascapes

I’ve been at the seascapes again! The magic of our coastline has me under its spell… ever-changing and always uplifting, it never fails to inspire.

Outside the artists’ studio huts on Worthing’s East Beach, I am treated to views like this one:


And this, when the tide is out and the sun is low in the sky: a wild moonscape-seascape. Here the bright sun has blackened the picture. I love it!


I’ve made some inky studies of our beach in the past, you can see the post on those here…

This time, I’ve made some little linocut prints in a luminous sea-green. Actually some in gold too, but they didn’t photograph well. Next time!



Worthing-seascape-linocutThey came out really nicely, some have already gone out as gifts, and some are for sale at the hut.

I’m now waiting for a simple brass picture frame to arrive, hopefully just the thing to set off the turquoise colour.

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2 thoughts on “Sea green Seascapes

  1. Gorgeous pictures and gorgeous work!!! 🙂

  2. Thank you Victoria! 🙂

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